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Character Concepts
One day this week, I was pondering about the differences in some of the characters that I roleplay as or that others role play as and kind came up with some neat analogies to start with some of them are here.

This character likes to be called by "Ben." Some of his favorite things are: The color blue, Surfing, Orange Creamcicles, being with his friends doing activities together; and keeping time and space in an orderly fashion. Some things that he hates are: confrontations, manipulation, overbearing people, too many rules, unreasonable wills, indecisiveness, and sexual predators. Ben is a kinda timid character if a more aggressive character confronts him; this seems to wane back and forth though as the situation warrants as Ben also has a quick mood swing. Ben is mostly a mellow, care free individual in front of people; but among those he knows, Ben is a softy, a caring heart, and an very emotional. It should be noted again that Ben has mood swings and if the situation becomes indecisive or chaotic, his quick temper leads him to sometimes do rash things. This is also a product of a long history of abuse by people he thought were allies. Ben has a good sense about people, even knowing what the person may be up to without formal knowledge. His senses about people also stem from a will to adapt and survive to avoid conflict. If Ben senses hostility in a person, or an overbearing nature, it is very difficult to change Ben's opinion about such a character to become friends. Ben is the kind of person that will leave someone if they hurt him badly, but will keep coming back to those that he holds most dear to himself. Though this character has been a bunny, vampiric bunny boy, werewolf and a full vampire, Ben has never liked blood, preferring to feast on vegetables. Much of Ben's story is that of a peacekeeper and vegetarian; so given no other option, Ben will resort to drinking blood from animals that others can put to use such as livestock, vermin, and chickens. It should be said too that part of Ben's dark side is everything that he hates: a manipulative, domineering, blood-thirsty, sexual predator.

James is Ben's old friend. At one point, he appeared much older than Ben, by five Earth years. James was not the same species as Ben and so aged much faster, yet aged incredibly slow compared to that of a normal human mortal. Ben and James looked after the space-time continuum to see to it that what was destined to be, was not messed up and that flaws in the continuum were to be smoothed out like an iron to a nice suit jacket. This all was fairly normal until they both had a transformation that negated their near immortal natures and titles. James is much more rough on the outside than Ben and much more an introspective person. Unlike Ben, James is also driven by his will and is not nearly as reserved around the ladies if not kept in check by others like Ben. Some of James' favorite things are: the color brown, romance novels, dictionaries, thick frame glasses, and tea. James loves tea time and spent many years in such places that held tea time as a tradition to fuel his addiction. James is a straight-laced person who follows rules to the letter if able. James has appeared as a fawn, were-wolf, and full vampire. Unlike Ben, James' cold and calculating nature bids him to do what is necessary to survive, including drinking blood.


Medusa's origin has many sides, but she is most known in mythology as a creature resembling that of a snake, and in the land of Felarya she is a snake-headed naga. Naga are different from Lamia in that they do not convert other beings to their own species when they bite. Medusa, as classic mythos would have it, has a head of living snake heads. Medusa's snakes and herself live cooperatively and to an extent vicariously. Medusa can sometimes see what her 'pet' snake heads see, while they react to Medusa's thoughts and moods, and they communicate indiscernibly to Medusa by gesture and sounds. Medusa possesses the abilities of a snake like sensitivity to vibrations, thermal detection, and scent detection, but if those weren't enough to make her one of the most feared naga, Medusa is classically known for a petrifying gaze that turns most things and people to stone. Medusa herself would say that her 'pet' snake heads live independently of herself, yet one would observe that her pets don't eat nearly as regularly as is required of a living, independent being. Some of the things that Medusa likes are: art-deco styles, lukewarm temperatures, physical challenges, willful challenges, manipulating circumstances to her will, and the color blood. Yes, Medusa would say there is a color named blood that is different than red, though it really isn't. Medusa loves to solve other people's problems with the grace of a bull stampeding through a glass shop. Despite that fact, Medusa is one of the best friends that a person could have. She is ferociously loyal, brave, and a guardian over her friends. Medusa lives the philosophy that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so as long as no one dies, Medusa is apt to tell the person to "walk it off." Medusa is also very outgoing to a point of evading the concepts of personal space and being physically abusive to her friends. She has her surprising moments of tenderness though as when a friend is in unreasonable pain she is known to show driving compassion as though her will could cure anything. Medusa is a great warrior, though not as mentally inclined as her older sister naga, Vivian. Some things that Medusa hates are: Weak willed individuals, personal space, and the color yellow.

Danny is one of the most admired people of Charlotte's younger years. As a Death Dealer, Danny is known of his unreasonable judgement of character. Danny is a classic 'type-A', 'Extroverted,' 'Sensing,' 'Thinking,' 'Judging,' personality. What he thinks is right even if it is wrong. Danny is exceedingly strong willed. He holds many of his more direct traits back so much so, that others often believe him to be naive. Danny follows the rule of law without reservation and gives no quarter to anyone doing anything beyond assault. He can be self-righteous at times. His strength of will is what is so attractive to many of his followers.


Vivian is a Guardian in many senses of the word including over her little naga sister, Medusa. Vivian is much older than Medusa and somewhat older than her friend and fellow defense officer, Crisis. Some things that Vivian likes are: the color light purple, strategy games, mind games, old war documentaries, icecream, and day spa treatments. Some things that Vivian hates are: threats to her friends and family, the desert, the ocean, and flying. Vivian has a big attitude when she is right about something, and can get a little self-righteous at times. Like her friend Crisis, Vivian is a superb strategist, preferring to crush her opponent under the pressure of her mind rather than beat the life out of their bones. If Medusa is a forceful problem solver, Vivian would be her mentor minus so much brutality. Vivian has been known to dance gracefully as a ribbon dancer.

** SO what are your thoughts? Something missing or amiss? I'll keep adding more profiles and info as I have the time to. Please feel free to help complete these characters and their backgrounds as well as other characters backgrounds. **
Thank you.
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The young beauty of the night. Princess Charlotte rose is the royal vampire princess of felarya. As princess she has many duties. Being abducted from earth as a child and adopted by vampires Charlotte learned the ways of the most evil monster of the night, she then became a bloodsucking beauty. Charlotte enjoys a dirt nap, her bed is a coffin made by her husband Danny. Once she awakens every morning her two best friends Ben and James offer themselves to the princess as breakfast. Charlotte is sweet and caring but deep inside lies a demon. Charlotte is a death dealer, a warrior of death however this side of her is not Charlotte rose. It is the deadly Scarlett rose. Scarlett is fast and powerful, her weapon of choice are two deadly blood daggers which she can stab and steal blood. She also wields a revolver dagger gun, with it she shoots 6 blood bullets and has a slot to fire dagger blades. But that's not all the o mighty Charlotte rose is cheerful in the daylight but in the moonlight she becomes a giant bloodsucking bat girl. Charlottes mother Samantha rose was a powerful Mage, she taught her daughter the ways of magic allowing Charlotte to cast many hexes,spells,etc. the vampire princess is no force to mess with behind that sweet girl lies a cold killer. If you push her to far don't try to run away because you are already dead.
4 years ago
Growing up a human and being taken away Charlotte rose is a beautiful young monster girl who lives among loved friends who she finds as family. Charlotte is the loved little sister of zero rose. She is a cuddly charming girl :3

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